Saturday, September 02, 2006

CVESD Incumbents Out! They focus on politics, not kids

Voters should end guaranteed tenure for Chula Vista Elementary School District board members! There are serious character issues with every one of the members of the CVESD board: Cheryl Cox, Pamela Smith, Larry Cunningham, Patrick Judd and Bertha Lopez.

Vote for the challengers!

Here is what I know about the challengers:

Seat 1. So far TAMARA ARCE, community volunteer, looks good to me to oppose incumbent Bertha Lopez. Ms. Arce astutely notes that "site-based decision making has been used as a shield to avoid responsibility and dilute the programs we have."

I don't yet know much about the other two candidates, Casey Tyler, parent and business owner, or Perry Mathes, cardiovascular engineer.

Seat 3. RUSSELL CORONADO, principal and counselor, would be an excellent replacement for Pam Smith. Strangely, candidate Felicia Starr is strikingly similar to Ms. Smith, and not just in appearance. Both women have worked overtime to exacerbate problems at Castle Park Elementary. Smith is perceived to be anti-union, and Starr is perceived to be pro-union, but the truth is, they are both simply pro-strife. Perrennial also-ran Willard Howard is again trying to be a spoiler in this race.

Seat 5. STEVE YAGYAGAN is a member of the community who wants the best education for kids, and is not in the pocket of any vested interests. Norberto Salazar, unfortunately, must follow orders from CTA (California Teachers Association), which has caused tremendous problems at CVESD. Even Bob Filner has to follow CTA's orders. CTA operatives should take a break from playing politics with students' educations. These union leaders think their own personal power is more important than the children they're paid to teach. Both Steve Yagyagan, parent and bank manager, and Norberto Salazar, teacher, are far better choices than incumbent Larry Cunningham, but I prefer Steve Yagyagan because he has less baggage.

I am appalled by the way school board member Cheryl Cox refuses to face up to her record as a Chula Vista Elementary School District board member as she runs for mayor of Chula Vista. The character issue is important when evaluating the performance of Ms. Cox and her four fellow board members, who all seem to share one important trait: they refuse to take responsibility for the problems that have arisen and the tax dollars that have been wasted at CVESD during their tenure.